Naya Traveler: Experts in Tailored Travel

Global travel is expensive, so when you finally book a trip, you want it to be worth it. If you’re ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime, consider booking a trip with Naya Traveler. This unique, female-owned travel company creates transformative, tailored travel experiences all over the world.  

The three owners of Naya Traveler, Marta Tucci, Sarah Casewit and Sofia Mascotena | NAYA TRAVELER

The origin

The company was founded by three women, Marta Tucci, Sarah Casewit and Sofia Mascotena, who each had several years of experience in the travel industry. They acquired knowledge and expertise of their regions while gathering insider contacts in every destination. For that reason, they’re able to curate immersive, tailored travel experiences all over the globe. 

Why choose Naya

When you book with Naya, you can be certain you’ll have an authentic experience wherever you go. In fact, every itinerary is created from scratch. The company takes traveler’s interests and passions into account in order to make their experience in a new destination unforgettable. 

A day on a Naya Traveler journey in Udaipur, India | NAYA TRAVELER

The founders have curated trips centered around traditional music, culinary arts, photography and spirituality. Trips are based on the idea that the heritage and cultural traditions of a destination are celebrated and preserved. Local guides and field experts are the norm for every trip. Traditional artisans, community leaders and local families also come together to make a Naya journey an experience of a lifetime.

Local community investment

Naya Traveler is committed to conscious travel. With every experience that’s created, the impact it has on local communities and lifestyles is taken into consideration. By hiring a team of local personalities and experts, Naya is creating work and supporting sustainable tourism. The company ensures that every impact is positive and that their footprint is minimal. 

tailored travel
Women wearing traditional woven textiles in Peru | NAYA TRAVELER

The destinations

Naya curates journeys to familiar destinations such as Spain, Peru and Argentina. They also host trips to far-flung locales like Antarctica, Oman and Kashmir. With the opportunity to have a themed trip, the itinerary to Spain, for example, is perfect for food lovers. The 10-day adventure allows travelers to discover the country through its flavors. They also learn how to make traditional dishes such as paella, gazpacho or cocido.

In addition, Naya also established an itinerary in Morocco, specifically geared towards female travelers. This particular trip focuses on the cultural role of women in society. Many of the activities are centered around women and are also led by local women

-Carli Cuthbertson