This Company Is A Leader When It Comes To Responsible Travel Tours

Responsible Travel has been leading by example in sustainable tourism since 2001. Co-founder Justin Francis paired with private investors, including Anita & Gordon Roddick from The Body Shop, to create the first business dedicated to green, eco-friendly and responsible travel tours in 2001. 

How They Do It

Responsible Travel offers tours ranging from budget travel and wheelchair accessible tours to volunteer travel and ‘unusual’ tours. The one thing they all have in common is that they promote responsible tourism.

By forming relationships with activists and people in local communities, the company ensures that their travelers have ‘maximum experience and minimum impact.’ In addition, they donate much of their profits to numerous charities promoting sustainability, animal welfare, and environmentalism. 

responsible travel tours
The archaeological city of Petra, Jordan | PIXABAY

What to Expect

Book an ‘Ancient Civilization’ holiday and take a step back in time. You can choose from historic destinations such as Egypt, Jordan or Ethiopia and walk in the footsteps of explorers and important figures from the past.

Or if you’d prefer something a bit more luxurious, while still caring for the community and the planet, try a ‘Luxury Safari Holiday’ where you’ll camp in style. On this trip, you’ll enjoy gourmet fine dining prepared by local chefs while admiring the wildlife around you. These trips can be experienced in exotic locations like Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana. 

Why You Should Trust Them

If there was ever a company you can trust when it comes to responsible travel tours – this is one of the leaders in the field. For nearly twenty years, Responsible Travel has been educating and taking travelers on adventures around the world.

With over 400 types of tours, vacations, and holidays to choose from, there is something for everyone. With all of these tours however, they are also advocates for flying less to minimize your carbon footprint. Be sure to read their many travel guides on how you can become a more responsible traveler, wherever you go.