Our Story


Travara is a purpose-driven travel brand for today’s modern, socially conscious global citizen. Our name is a blend of the words travel + vara (the Sanskrit word that means ‘the best of something’), so…the best of travel.

Think of Travara as your go-to source for conscious travel. Think all things globally-inspired that are good for people and the planet. Where to go, what to do, where to stay, what to buy. What’s different about us, is that we don’t think of sustainable tourism as a niche, we think it’s the way all travel should be. Good travel. Our goal is to demystify sustainable tourism by explaining what it really means and making it easy for you to find the right places to stay and trips to book.

We love the sustainable hotels that invest in local communities; the scenic bus and train rides that allow you to take in more sights than you can on a plane; the airlines that are truly working to reduce their emissions; the brands that were inspired by global travel and do important things like economically empower women in underserved regions…you get the picture. Big and small companies that are doing it right, in a sustainable way, all working towards the Global Goals.

Tourism is a huge tool for development, so we’re all about promoting opportunities that have layers of impact, for you and the communities you’re visiting. Whether it’s a country you’ve never heard of, an off-the-beaten path wine region you should visit (before everyone else) or a tiny social enterprise, whose goods or services are giving back in unique ways, this is where you find them.

If you discover something on Travara, you can rest assured it’s good for you…and the world.

Thanks for taking the first step and checking us out!

Travel Well,


Michelle Arellano Martin

Founder | Travara