Authentic Food Tours In Mexico That Are Led By Locals

If you’re a traveler that doesn’t like booking tours, Eat Like A Local will definitely change your mind. Located in Mexico City, their food safaris are the perfect match for foodies and travelers that care about sustainability. By skipping the tourist traps, Eat Like A Local has cut through the BS to create some of the best food tours in Mexico. 

Their roots

A native of Mexico City, Eat Like a Local was started by Rocío Vazquez Landeta. She gained her passion for food as a young child cooking in the kitchen with her mother, who was a chef, and has made it her life goal to share Mexico’s amazing cuisine. An avid traveler, Landeta has taken food tours all over the world. 

She was inspired to start her company after a trip to Istanbul. After a night of drinking, she met two homeless men who showed her around the city. She indulged in fish sandwiches, mussels and beer outside the Blue Mosque and fell in love with the real Istanbul.

Shortly after that trip, she quit her job and started Eat Like a Local in her hometown of Mexico City. Rocio was determined to give other travelers the same experience she had that night in Istanbul. 

food tours in mexico
Women on a small group food safari in Mexico City | EAT LIKE A LOCAL

Why you should book one of their tours

With an emphasis on street food, Landeta wants to give customers an authentic taste of the real Mexico City. With something for everyone, they even have vegan and family-friendly tours.

They also have a no a**hole policy. Meaning, they only support good restaurants, vendors and suppliers who care about their staff, pay on time and create good working culture.

food tours in mexico
One of the many stops on an Eat Like a Local food tour in Mexico City | EAT LIKE A LOCAL

Not only will travelers visit coffee shops and bakeries but also crazy busy markets and up-and-coming neighborhoods. This company will give you one of the best food tours in Mexico. You can trust that these tours will steer you clear from tourist traps and awful restaurants aimed at tourists. 

Also…they get sustainable tourism

Eat Like a Local is big on sustainable tourism. Their approach is aligned with the Global Goals set by the United Nations, which we LOVE.

The entire team is female, born and bred in Mexico City. Eat Like a Local proudly hires women and gives them the best wages in Mexico. In addition to flexible working times and continuing education programs to keep them updated,  they also provide a gym membership and minor medical insurance. Their tours strongly support female-owned business and create opportunities for women from the markets and street stalls. 

food tours in mexico
Eat Like a Local dedicates a portion of revenue to educating local children | EAT LIKE A LOCAL

When you book a tour with Eat Like a Local, 100% of the money stays in the local community. Proceeds help fund social programs such as feeding the homeless and educating young kids. Landeta knows that English is a great tool for children to have better opportunities when they grow up, so they provide English lessons for 18 children from La Merced and Tacubaya neighborhoods.

Landeta and her team also work with vendors from Jamaica market, teaching them basic English lessons to help them communicate with tourists, introduce themselves, explain their products and prices. This helps them boost their sales and promotes economic growth.

In short, book a trip to Mexico City right now, and build your trip around one of Eat Like a Local’s food safaris.

-Carli Cuthbertson