The Ultimate Gift Guide For Conscious Travelers

We sat down to compile all of our favorite travel gifts into one list, but it was way too long. So, we broke it down into individual categories to make it easier for you. Sustainability, social impact and responsible travel are (finally) becoming so top of mind, that new brands are launching every day. And for that, we couldn’t be more excited. All that to say, we think we’ve come up with the ultimate gift guide for conscious travelers everywhere!

Take a look at each guide and share them with your friends because we love each and every product. Whether it’s sustainably designed, teaching you about new cultures or creating work for underserved communities, these recommendations have footprint, culture and community written all over them. Happy gifting!

Gift Guide: The Best Travel Wellness Essentials

There’s nothing worse than getting sick on a trip that you spent months planning. Hands up if that’s happened to you. To optimize your wellbeing while on the road, read our guide to the best wellness essentials.

gift guide for conscious travelers
Brilliantly collapsible water bottles that you can stash in your pocket | HYDAWAY

Gift Guide: Best Travel Gifts For Water Drinkers

With such a heightened awareness of the evils of plastic, the options for reusable water bottles and straws are growing daily. Ditch the plastic and simplify your travels (here and abroad). Read our guide to some of our favorite water related gifts for travelers.

gift guide for conscious travelers
Created by backpackers, for backpackers | BANANA BACKPACKS

Gift Guide: The Best Gear For Socially Conscious Travelers

While every destination is different, one thing remains the same; good travel gear is key to a smooth trip. We’re constantly trying out new products and on the lookout for gear that functions well and has a social impact! Read our guide to the best travel gear that gives back.

Gift Guide: The Best Travel Tech Gifts

Our lives revolve around tech, for better or worse. Maps, language translation services, phones and cameras all enhance our travel and these are the devices that will help you achieve that. Read our guide to the best travel tech gifts.

gift guide for conscious travelers
Journey around the world with your morning cup of coffee | ATLAS COFFEE CLUB

Gift Guide: The Best Subscriptions For Travelers

While travel is one of the best things we can do to feed our soul, it isn’t always possible to be a constant globetrotter. To fulfill that sense of wanderlust, read our guide to some of the best subscriptions for travelers.