Gift Guide: The Best Travel Tech Gifts

Our lives revolve around tech, for better or worse. Long gone are the days of lugging around pocket language dictionaries and guide books. Information is at the tip of our fingers…if we have the ability to access it. Maps, language translation services, phones and cameras all enhance our travel and these are the devices that will help you achieve that. Here are our tried and true best travel tech gifts to help you travel well.

Best travel tech
Pocketalk can help you order coffee in over 70 languages | POCKETALK


Every wonder how to ask for directions in Slovenian? Luckily you don’t have to (although it would score you major street cred). Pocketalk can do the work for you. A pocket-sized translator with over 70 languages, it allows you to have a two-way conversation in real time. This must-have smart gadget eliminates the worry of things getting lost in translation, allowing for a deeper and meaningful connection when experiencing other cultures.

Best travel tech
Charge devices super fast with the Fuse Chicken travel adapter | FUSE CHICKEN

Fuse Chicken Travel Adapter

The Fuse Chicken Universal All-in-One Travel Charger triples as a wall charger, a power bank and a wireless charger all in one. With international travel adaptors, this device is a must-have for super fast charging, making it one of the best travel tech gifts.

best travel tech
A mobile wi-fi hotspot, you can rent or buy the Teppy Pocket Wi-Fi | TEP WIRELESS

Tep Wireless

Wi-fi is a commodity when you’re traveling. Most hotels and cafes will offer free connections these days, but what about when you’re walking around and you just can’t find a hotspot? Try renting a Teppy Pocket Wi-Fi device from Tep Wireless. While you can pay for global coverage on your mobile phone, it might actually be cheaper to rent their device and pay just under $6 USD per day for unlimited wi-fi. Just make sure you fully charge it before heading out the door!

best travel tech
The Peak Design Tech Pouch keeps gadgets and cords organized in a compact case | PEAK DESIGN

Peak Design

Once you have all your gadgets and chargers, a great place to store them is in a Peak Design Tech Pouch. A climate neutral company that has sustainability, conservation and human rights top of mind, we love the products they are creating. Origami-style pockets in the Tech Pouch allow you to pack more into a smaller space, while staying organized.