Gift Guide: The Best Subscriptions For Travelers

While travel is one of the best things we can do to feed our soul and have a positive impact on others, it isn’t always possible to be globetrotting. To fulfill that sense of wanderlust, here are some of the best subscriptions for travelers.

GlobeIn’s Cozy Box features Ghanaian cocoa, a hand painted jug from Morocco, a fair trade scarf from Thailand and a basket woven in Mexico | GLOBEIN


GlobeIn‘s goal is to empower and connect talented remote artisans with mindful shoppers. An online marketplace and subscription box service, they reduce poverty by helping artisans in emerging countries reach a global audience. Travel the world easily with a monthly subscription, gathering souvenirs from the comfort of your home.

best subscriptions for travelers.
Atlas Coffee Club takes you around the world with your morning cup of joe | ATLAS COFFEE CLUB

Atlas Coffee Club

With a mission to share the world of coffee, Atlas Coffee Club curates and procures sustainably farmed coffee. Coming from countries like Papua New Guinea, Burundi, Peru and Rwanda their beans zig-zag across the equator. Operating as coffee tour guides, their monthly subscription invites coffee drinkers to turn their morning routine into a daily adventure. Exploring coffee and global culture has never been easier.

carbon footprint
Offset Earth makes it easy for people to make up for their carbon footprint from traveling

Offset Earth

Addressing climate change is at the core of Offset Earth’s business. A monthly subscription service, memberships start at $6.50 to plant 12 trees monthly. It was created to make it easy for people to actually take action and help tackle the climate crisis. As a result, multiple package options make it easy to tailor to individual lifestyles. Air travel is one of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint, making this is one of the best subscriptions for travelers. To have an even greater impact, Intrepid Travel will match your subscription, tree for tree.

best subscriptions for travelers
The monthly Atlas Crate subscription is perfect for kids from 6-11 | KIWICO

KiwiCo Atlas Crate

While the mission at KiwiCo is to equip kids with the skills to be innovators and creative problem solvers, the Atlas Crate takes it a step further by adding curiosity and appreciation for other cultures and perspectives to that toolkit. The journey begins with the first crate, where children meet travel buddies Anya and Milo and get an introduction to the world as a whole. A colorful map and a real spinning globe allows children to add a mark to show where in the world they live.