This Language Translator Helps You Speak 74 Languages

Beyond knowing how to order a beer and ask where the bathroom is, learning the basics of a new language will always score brownie points when traveling. Pocketalk is a must-have language translator that enables instant two-way communication with locals in their native language.

Pocketalk eliminates the worry of things getting lost in translation, allowing for a deeper and meaningful connection when experiencing other cultures.

pocketalk language translator
The Pocketalk Classic device fits into the palm of your hand | POCKETALK

Pocketalk Classic Device

The original device is small, compact, slick and easy to use. It comes with global unlimited cellular data for two years, so you don’t need to worry about tapping into WiFi. There aren’t any monthly fees either.

Just fire it up and you can travel freely with this pocket-sized language translator that understands and translates to 74 different languages that you can use in 120 countries.

Pocketalk language translator
Pocketalk Voice Translator also has a text-to-translate camera | POCKETALK

Pocketalk Voice Translator

The newest version of the Pocketalk device (coming out in March 2020), also comes with the two-year data plan, but it is sleeker and has a few more bells and whistles. One of the coolest features we love is the text-to-translate camera, which allows you to take a picture of something written in another language. It instantly recognizes and translates what you are reading, again, in 74 languages. Don’t know how to read Chinese characters? No problem.

As if that wasn’t enough (we think that is pretty game changing), it also does conversions for currency, weather and measurement units. And for those loud coffee shops or bars when you just want to order a drink? A built-in noise-cancelling microphone with two powerful speakers.

Need we say more? Pocketalk takes cultural immersion to a whole new level, so you can make friends wherever you go.

-Michelle Martin