Perfect Small Group Tours With Authentic Experiences

By Ashley Brewer

Offering over 1,000 itineraries for all types of travelers, Intrepid travel group wants humans from all across the world to connect on a meaningful level while having fun. Every curated adventure is a grassroots travel experience where you’ll explore your senses, expand your mind, and create lifelong bonds with your fellow travelers. 

Since 1989, the travel company founded by two best friends, Darrell and Manch, wants to make sure that the tourism they send around the world benefits the community it touches. Intrepid carbon offsets every trip and they live and breathe sustainability in every tour that they arrange. 

A visit to Petra, Jordan with Intrepid Travel | INTREPID TRAVEL

Travelers can pick their small group tours based on either location (offering tours on every single continent including Antarctica) or by theme. Take a food tour where you can indulge in some of the best local cuisines on the planet. Intrepid travel has created entire trips focused solely around shopping at local markets, taking a cooking class, or indulging in delicious street foods. Each itinerary supports local economies by strictly using local guides and supporting local businesses. 

If you prefer to get closer to nature, browse Intrepid’s impressive selection of Wildlife tours where travelers can spend two weeks with gorillas and chimpanzees in Uganda or live with a family on a local sustainable farm in Costa Rica while you explore the surrounding jungle. 

Dinner party in Oaxaca Mexico
A cooking class led by a local from Oaxaca, Mexico | INTREPID TRAVEL

Intrepid believes that travel has the power to bring cultures together and make friends of strangers. Whether you’re a recent college grad with a backpack or a retired couple finally taking the time to explore the world, Intrepid offers a sustainable and eco-friendly experience for everyone.