Best Places To Travel In September

From an Iceland alternative to a European country you didn’t know existed, your end-of-summer travel plans are all sorted. Here are our recommendations for the best places to travel in September because they are under the radar, in their shoulder or off-season and waiting for you to visit.

Woman from long neck Padaung tribe Myanmar
Woman from the Padaung tribe in Myanmar | ANA JIMENEZ

Southern Inle Lake, Myanmar

Most people who travel to Myanmar seek out Shwedagon’s golden pagodas or Bagan’s mesmerizing hot air balloons, but Southern Inle Lake renders an off-the-beaten-path respite from the typical tourist track. More authentic than the lake’s northern edge, travelers who make the extra trek are immersed in the local lives of Myanmar’s “long neck” Padaung tribes. 

best places to travel in September
Touring icebergs in Greenland | ALINE DASSEL


Iceland gets all the attention, and therefore all the tourists. Plan your northern adventure to Greenland instead and embark on an isolated expedition into uncharted territory. It’s one of the best places to travel in September, before it gets too cold to be enjoyable. An enormous island with very few roads, you may find your preferred mode of transportation to be boats, helicopters and of course, dog sleds.

best places to travel in september kenya
A group of men from the Maasai Tribe in Kenya | DAVID MARK


If vast savannahs and wondrous wildlife are the heart of Kenya, then the country’s gracious people are its soul. As Africa’s leading pioneer of sustainable tourism and a mecca of cultural experiences, anyone who’s traveled to Kenya will agree that interacting with the nomadic Maasai tribe is just as memorable as spotting a lion on safari.

best places to travel in september
Aerial shot of San Marino, one of Europe’s hidden gems | DAVID MARK

San Marino

A pint-sized country completely landlocked by Italy, San Marino could easily be mistaken for the Tuscan countryside if it weren’t for the lack of tourists. The little-visited country has no airport or train station, but those who cross its borders find themselves engulfed in a peaceful green oasis of wineries, charming medieval streets and unbelievable views from the top of Monte Titano. Fall is lovely there, making it one of the best places to travel in September.

An undisturbed beach on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast | SAMUEL FABER

Cahuita, Costa Rica

As the golden child of sustainable travel, Costa Rica embraces an eco-conscious way of life. Tourists may flock to Tamarindo in droves, but the country’s Southern Caribbean coast remains surprisingly untouched. Rustic and slow-paced, the little beach town of Cahuita inspires the true meaning of pura vida, with remnants of Afro-Caribbean culture still intact.

-Shannon Valdes Leiderman