Best Places To Travel In May 2022

From South America’s final frontier to Bali’s overlooked neighbor, plan and book now so you can start daydreaming about one of these guilt-free getaways in 2022. Given their unique, off-the-beaten-path location or off-peak seasons, these are the best places to travel in the month of May.

best places to travel in may chile
Coyhaique, a lesser traveled area of Chilean Patagonia | O’CAR JOHANN CAMPOS

Chilean Patagonia

For travelers who seek the ends of the Earth, Patagonia holds an intrepid allure. Escape the crowds of Torres del Paine by starting in Coyhaique, your gateway to a remote and rugged adventure shrouded in the autumnal hues of Patagonia’s shoulder season. Boutique hotels like Pampa del Corral and Patagonia House offer an intimate stay in the small village.

If you should find yourself venturing into Torres del Paine, book a stay at EcoCamp Patagonia, a sustainable dome hotel in the national park. Owned by the team at Cascada Expediciones, they are leaders in sustainability and know Chile like the back of their hand.

best places to travel in may slovenia
Cafes and restaurants line the river in the heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city | PIXABAY

Ljubljana, Slovenia

A haven for nature lovers, Ljubljana is dotted with green oases that you typically don’t find in a capital city. Outdoor cafes and bike-friendly cobblestoned streets provide the perfect scene to settle into the city’s relaxed ambience. Discover the city on foot or in an electric powered Kavalir. 

Daily stops at Cacao for ice cream are almost required, as are leisurely lunches along the Ljubljanica River. A jaunt up to the top of the Ljubljana Castle offers an aerial perspective of Slovenia’s quaint capital city below. One of the best places to travel in May, enjoy life among the locals before the onslaught of summer tourists.

best places to travel in may
Ras Bir Beach in Djibouti, located on Africa’s east coast | JOELLE ORTET


Shimmering salt lakes, crystalline seas, low desert plains and rugged volcanoes comprise the diverse and otherworldly landscape of Djibouti, a tiny multicultural country nestled in the Horn of Africa. A melting pot of African, Arabic and French cultures, it’s not uncommon for locals to invite visitors into their homes to partake in a family celebration or homemade meal. 

One of the safest destinations in Africa, Djibouti is light on tourists and heavy on traditional tribes. Take a locally-led tour with Djibouti Tour and Travel, owned by a Somaliland native.

best places to travel in may
A reef shark on Bikini Atoll, home to Shark Pass where you can swim fin to fin with silvertip and grey reef sharks | KURT COTOAGA

The Marshall Islands

Fewer than 5,000 visitors a year venture to the far-flung Marshall Islands, a nation of 29 Pacific atolls that run completely on solar energy. Located in the Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii and the Philippines, the Marshall Islands sit atop ancient submerged volcanoes.

Check into the locally owned and operated Marshall Islands Resort and spend your days exploring the pristine coral reefs or picnicking on the lagoon. Cultural immersion is as ubiquitous here as coconut trees and coral reefs, and you’ll quickly adopt the Marshallese version of aloha, “iakwe,” which literally translates to “you are a rainbow.”

best places to travel in may
Stunning, under the radar waterfall in Sumbawa, Indonesia | GIANFRANCO LANZIO

Sumbawa, Indonesia

Travelers with a thirst for adventure beyond the Bali bubble will be smitten with the untamed island of Sumbawa. The quaint cousin of nearby Lombok, the traditions of the Sumbawa’s two distinct cultural groups still endure. 

Post up at the Tropical Beach Resort, owned and operated by a local family, and take advantage of nearby surf. Besides spellbinding beaches with world-class surf, the islands are home to the world’s most infamous volcano–Mount Tambora–whose 1815 eruption changed the climate of the entire globe.

-Shannon Valdes Leiderman