The Chic Resort In Fiji That’s 100% Solar Powered

The boutique hotel and spa brand Six Senses has been setting the bar high in sustainable tourism since it was founded over twenty years ago. From humble beginnings with a single resort in 1995, Six Senses quickly became recognized as the hospitality industry’s pioneer of sustainable practices, demonstrating that a commitment to local communities and ecosystems can be successfully blended with luxury hospitality.

Sustainability is not what Six Senses does, it is who they are. 

When building their properties, Six Senses incorporates local culture into the design. Building materials are always sustainable, protecting natural habitats, and may include certified wood, recycled and rapidly renewable materials as well as natural fibers, fabrics and flooring. Only water- efficient equipment and fixtures are incorporated throughout the properties. 

Villa at Six Senses Fiji
Local materials are sourced and incorporated into all building design
at Six Senses Fiji | SIX SENSES FIJI

Six Senses Fiji is 100% powered by solar electricity. Boasting the largest microgrid in Fiji using Tesla batteries, energy from the sun is used to power the resort and any excess power is used for the desalination plant. “We know there is room for improvement with the sustainable efforts in Fiji and therefore our mission is to be the leading resort in terms of sustainability,” said Jason Kruse, the General Manager of Six Senses Fiji. “We want to introduce initiatives that have a reduced effect on the environment and increased positive impact on our local communities. We want blend in with our natural surroundings in Fiji, whilst teaching important environmental lessons along the way.”

Beach view from hotel
Beach view from a solar powered villa at Six Senses Fiji | SIX SENSES FIJI

Beyond employing local staff, Six Senses Fiji creates additional jobs by purchasing locally made items and injecting money into the local economy. They collaborate with Rise Beyond the Reef, a nonprofit that works with women in remote communities, teaching them to create marketable goods such as small homewares and crafts, using traditional skills. These goods are used throughout the resort and are available for purchase in the resort boutique. The profit from these products goes into alleviating poverty in the local communities.

As Six Senses demonstrates, it is indeed possible to treat yourself to a nice getaway, and have peace of mind that your margaritas are going to a good cause.