Perfect Girlfriend Getaways That Support Women-Owned Businesses

By Ashley Brewer

For many people, traveling is just a vacation. Clocking out from the day-to-day grind to sip piña coladas for a week or two. But for others? Travel is a transformative, meaningful and magical experience that changes the way they see the world forever. Wild Terrains aims to make that magic happen. With their female-only trips, these girlfriend getaways all support women-owned businesses.

Lauren Bates, the founder and CEO of Wild Terrains, was in a rut at her prior job. An avid traveler, she was in search of a quick escape. Dreaming of a vacation surrounded by like-minded women, Lauren was disheartened by her options. It seemed like yoga retreats and hiking getaways were the only women-focused vacation choices. So, she took matters into her own hands and created Wild Terrains to empower women through travel and connect with women across the planet.

Girlfriend Getaways in Mexico
Women connect and bond with new friends in Mexico City on trips for women, by women. | WILD TERRAINS

Wild Terrains’ mission is to create travel experiences, outside of the typical, for women who want to explore the world safely, while nourishing their creativity and building relationships. They’ve partnered and collaborated with female chefs, artists, hotel owners, historians, policymakers and more to curate each of their unique travel itineraries. No two trips are the same. 

Mexico City

Take a 5-day journey through Mexico City to experience rich history and eat delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine. During this trip, which is one of their two main excursions, you’ll enjoy incredible meals prepared by female chefs, sleep in woman-owned hotels, connect with local women, and immerse yourself in Mexican  culture. Depending on which season you go, the itinerary will change to incorporate local festivities and happenings. 


Prefer a trip to Portugal instead? You can expect the same female-focused agenda as mentioned above – but with all things Portugal. Think tapas, wine, beaches, art and more.

If you’re looking for a woman-centered travel experience that goes beyond yoga retreats and trekking adventures–Wild Terrains wants to connect you with the world. Trust us, you will want to book all future girlfriend getaways with Wild Terrains.