Eco Luxury Meets Alpine Charm At This Boutique Hotel In Slovenia

Nestled in the heart of Europe is one of the most underrated countries: Slovenia. Get out a map. Look it up. Surrounded by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, Slovenia is…everything. From beach, to city, to rivers and mountains, the country has it all. Known for being (literally) one of the greenest countries in Europe, Vila Planinka is the epitome of an eco luxury hotel in Slovenia.

It was established by the same team who owns and manages the Postojna Caves, Predjama Castle and Hotel Jama. They created the eco-chic lodge in the northern part of Slovenia, to spread tourism throughout the country.

eco luxury hotel in slovenia
The valley where Jezersko is located, at the foot of the Austrian Alps | VILA PLANINKA

Location, location, location

Located in the small village of Jezersko, the boutique property was built in a valley that was once filled by a glacial lake. Because of that, there is a nearby fountain of youth. Sort of. It’s actually a natural mineral spring, but it’s known to have healing properties. And the hotel was built on four natural energy zones, which when combined with nature, have a beneficial effect on your well-being.

Vila Planinka Slovenia
Near the border of Austria, every room features stunning views of the surrounding Alps. | VILA PLANINKA

An authentic, local experience

Upon arrival at the hotel, guests are welcomed into the lounge area where they can relax and taste local wines and spirits. Accompanied by a primer in local wine regions from the friendly staff (if you’re interested).

The local community is at the heart of everything at Vila Planinka. Sustainable construction features local wood and materials, noted in the infrastructure as well as the furniture. Wildlife photography by one of the team members provides an authentic connection to the natural surroundings.

The open plan common area of Vila Planinka is layered with different textures and shades of wood, all sourced locally | VILA PLANINKA

Every morning, the chef visits each of the local farmers to see what is available. As a result, the menu changes daily and always features seasonal, local ingredients. Dishes are elevated versions of traditional, rustic local cuisine. To clarify, make sure you save room to savor each dish, paired with a different local wine. We promise this will be one of your most memorable meals in Slovenia.

Eco luxury hotel in slovenia
Lake Planšarsko jezero is a 10 minute walk from Vila Planinka | VILA PLANINKA

Detox and disconnect

All guests are encouraged to unplug, so they can recharge. Wi fi is only available in the rooms if you request it. In other words, they make it very easy to be present and disconnect. You’ll be hard pressed to want to do anything other than relax and enjoy nature. You might even read a book.

Spend your days hiking, mountain biking or fishing. Staff can coordinate a visit to a local cheese dairy. Or guide you to Austria for an afternoon coffee. At the end of the day, retreat to the wellness center. Relax in the Finnish infrared sauna and soak up every minute of the peace and tranquility at this dreamy, eco luxury hotel in Slovenia.