5 Ecotourism Jobs You Should Consider

Maybe you have a passion for traveling and the environment. Or maybe you just can’t see yourself making a living sitting in an office cubicle. If this is the case for you, ecotourism jobs just might be the right option. Given how large the tourism industry has become and how important sustainability is today, there are many jobs to consider. Here are five ecotourism jobs you might want to look into. 

Ecotourism Education

Guided tours in nature are a huge part of the ecotourism industry. If you enjoy teaching others about nature and sustainability, this might be the right career path for you. Tour guides get to share their deep understanding of the environment and help educate guests on environmental issues facing the planet.

Too often, visitors don’t realize the effects they have on their surroundings. For this reason, educating visitors is very important. It’s vital that travelers are taught how culture, tourism and the environment interact within a community or country. 

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Ecolabel Promotion

If you’re interested in labeling and certifying products, working for an eco labeling organization might be the right fit. Labeling has become important because it makes consumers aware of certain benefits of a product or experience they are purchasing.

When consumers purchase ‘eco’ labeled products, it encourages companies to strive towards environmental improvement. There are companies all over the world that certify or rate products based on their sustainability. Products that are rated range anywhere from makeup and food, to hotels and tour operators. According to Ecolabel Index, there are over 50 labels in the tourism industry alone. Book Different is a website that uses it to rate hotels according to their sustainability.

Environmental Resource Management

If you’re the type of person who loves working in the field, check out careers in environmental resource management. People in this profession are tasked with planning efficient uses of land.

They observe conservation efforts and other land-use activities to ensure that government regulations are correctly implemented. They also make sure the land will remain usable for future generations, making this one of the most important ecotourism jobs. 

Environmental Consultants

Addressing environmental issues like water pollution, air quality, and soil contamination is important in both the private and public sectors. Environmental consultants have extensive knowledge of environmental regulations and can advise clients on how to avoid fines and unsound transactions.

They also go into the field to assess land or collect data on pollution in a certain area. Being a consultant is often synonymous with flexibility and working remotely. If this sounds appealing to you, maybe you have a future as an environmental consultant who can work from anywhere in the world.

Ecotourism jobs
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Environmental Architecture

Eco-resorts and sustainable hotels need to be constructed using the best and most sustainable methods. Therefore, environmental architects are extremely important. Innovative green designs can be incorporated into many parts of the construction process. This allows architects to create a building that can operate without causing harm to the planet. If this type of job sounds interesting to you, the development of eco-friendly properties might be the right fit.  

-Carli Cuthbertson