How To Get Hotel Discounts By Donating To Charity

By Shannon Valdes Leiderman

Kind Traveler makes giving back to local communities as simple as booking a hotel room. The “Give and Get” hotel booking platform partners with socially conscious hotels to give travelers exclusive rates in exchange for donating to charity. The goal is to tap into the collective financial force of travelers to benefit people, animals and the environment.

The idea for Kind Traveler took shape during a trip to Belize in 2012, when cofounders Jessica Blotter and Sean Krejci’s tour bus to the Mayan ruins passed through an impoverished community. After unintentionally inspiring the entire tour group to take action by feeding malnourished dogs, Blotter realized that travelers are eager to help communities but simply need a catalyst.

Driven by a passion for travel, social impact and animal welfare, Blotter started Kind Traveler with the idea that “the heart that loves travel is the heart that can do good things for the whole community.”

The Sandman Hotel in Sonoma County  | SANDMAN HOTEL

How does Kind Traveler work? By making $10 nightly donations through the website, travelers unlock discounts to book directly with a curated collective of “Kind Hotels.” Travelers have the option of donating to local organizations that benefit their visiting destination, or to their favorite charity listed on the platform. Discounts start at $10 and go up to $100, meaning the donations essentially come at no extra cost for the traveler. All donations are given to charity in full.

A public benefit corporation, Kind Traveler’s goals are intentionally aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The company partners with charities centered around preventing poverty and hunger, protecting the planet and promoting wellbeing for individuals and animals. The company also has plans to launch “Do Good for the Day,” short-term volunteer experiences for travelers who want to actively give back on their next trip but can only dedicate a day or two.

The Farmhouse Inn in Sonoma County | THE FARMHOUSE INN

From boutique hotels in Sonoma to over-water bungalows in the Maldives, every hotel listed on Kind Traveler demonstrates a commitment to social and environmental good. Travelers can search for hotels based on “Kind Factors,” which measure the hotels’ commitment to wellness, environmental sustainability and community impact. It’s never been easier to Travel Kindly.