St. Barth’s First Eco Resort Blends Luxury And Sustainability Perfectly

By Michelle Martin

Sustainability is no longer a buzz word. After experiencing the sheer wrath of mother nature, it’s only natural that hotels rebuild and operate with sustainability top of mind. On St. Barth, where luxury abounds, Hotel Manapany is the first eco-resort to hit the island. The newest hotel from the B Signature Hotels and Resorts, the Manapany boldly states ‘clean and green are our promises’ on their website.

The resort produces its own water, uses solar power to generate electricity and only uses electric cars to get around the property and as guest rentals. Only steam and natural products are used in cleaning and maintenance and all hotel towels are made from bamboo, with only natural fibers. The 43 private villas and suites are spacious and reflect local design, with artisanal furnishings, with one-of-a-kind tables made from tropical wood and bright cotton rugs and cushions woven by Mexican artisans.

A private villa at Hotel Manapany in St. Barth | HOTEL MANAPANY

The hotel’s vegetable garden and orchard – with citrus, mango, passion fruit, banana and coconut trees – provides fresh, organic ingredients for the healthy cuisine in the restaurant, while local fishermen deliver fresh fish daily. Warm weather, white sand beaches and crystalline water are usually enough to lure anyone away from home, but if you need a bit more incentive, these are pretty good reasons to start looking for flights.