Combine Wine Tasting And Spa Treatments At This Historical Property

In the heart of Spain, multiple winemaking appellations abound. On your next visit, venture just outside Valladolid for fine wine from Ribera del Duero and visit Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine. A 12th century monastery-turned-luxury hotel, LeDomaine is a vineyard estate surrounding the Monastery of Santa Maria de Retuerta and a historical heritage site that thoughtfully blends antiquated architecture with modern amenities, managing tourism sustainably.

For a unique experience, spend the afternoon at their Santuario LeDomaine Spa and make an appointment with the spa sommelier. The former stables of the monastery were converted into this jaw-dropping 5,000 square foot spa that boasts indoor and outdoor pools, a hydrotherapy pool, a relaxation area and scented experience showers.

Large skylights bathe the spa in natural light, exuding a warm and comforting atmosphere. In keeping with the renovation of the abbey, their goal was to create a spa that placed the utmost importance on sustainability and respect for the historic property by installing a system that generates affordable and clean energy with solar panels and groundwater pumps. The spa obtains its own clean water from a well, where it is extracted, decalcified and transferred to a tank, where it is used to manage the needs of the hotel.

Wrapped in the plushest of robes, your sommelier will lead you to a seated area and wheel over a cart laden with three bottles of wine produced by the onsite winery Abadía Retuerta, carafes of oil and paper to take notes. They will then proceed to explain the unique vinotherapy ritual of tasting wines to determine what profile of oils you might enjoy best during your massage.

The first wine, the white Blanco de Guarda, is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes enriched with a hint of Verdejo. The LeDomaine White Blend oil was created with the nutritious and healing properties of almond oil, combined with the highly restorative properties of apricot nut oil, perfect for the most delicate and sensitive skins. With the addition of essential Yuzu oil, this blend provides balance, wellbeing and emotional stimulation.

Next, the Selección Especial, is a red wine produced from the best grapes from each of the property’s vineyards, combining the richness of a Tempranillo with the elegance of a Cabernet Sauvignon and the strength of a Syrah. To pair, the Selección Especial Blend oil was created entirely from the vegetable oils of almond, macadamia nut, calendula and the essential oil of cedar, resulting in a nutritious oil, rich in vitamins to regenerate and soothe the skin, perfect for those who suffer from high stress.

And finally, the third wine is the Pago Valdebellón, a Cabernet Sauvignon. An intense dark red, this wine is surprisingly delicate with an air of spices, exotic fruit and mineral aromas. The invigorating Valdebellón Blend oil was created from almond oil and essential oil of thyme, ideal for those suffering from exhaustion and fatigue.

Once you select your preferred oil, your treatment begins by soaking your feet in copper bowls, where they are hand washed as the monks who visited before you had been washed. You are then offered a crystal to hold in your palm during the massage, with the intention of activating its natural healing properties throughout the massage, which, fair warning, can be so tranquil it will put you to sleep.