A Beautiful Coffee Table Book Featuring Global Women

In 2013, Mihaela Noroc took her camera and backpack and left her home of Bucharest, Romania to travel around the world. She had been inspired by a trip she had just taken to Ethiopia, where she found herself surrounded by an amazing mosaic of cultures and traditions. It was after that trip that she realized she could combine her two passions (travel and photography) and make a career out of it.

On her journey, she began photographing everyday women candidly. Her goal was to showcase that beauty has no bounds, and that the diversity of our world is a treasure —not a reason for conflicts. During her travels, Noroc photographed more than two thousand women in every corner of the world. When there was no language barrier, she listened to their stories. Oftentimes, she would only have minutes to capture a portrait, but the result of her curiosity and appreciation for diversity is a stunning photography project called The Atlas of Beauty.

The Atlas of Beauty features portraits of everyday women from around the world | TEN SPEED PRESS

Noroc sought beauty in Brazilian favelas, in isolated areas of Afghanistan, in an Iranian mosque, on the Tibetan Plateau, in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, in North Korea, in the Amazon rain forest, but also in upscale areas of Paris, in downtown New York and in the heart of Beijing. 

Women in a refugee camp in Greece | MIHAELA NOROC

The vibrant photography book is 500 of her best portraits, from more than 50 countries, accompanied by stories that capture a rare glimpse into the daily experience of women, promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women. The perfect coffee table companion for anyone who appreciates the beauty in travel.